Amrita Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

Centre for
Entrepreneurship (ACE)

- Expanding the Power of Choice

As students get a wide range of courses and programmes to choose from while entering the university, likewise they have a set of choices even before graduating successfully from Amrita. According to Prof. C. Parameswaran, Director – CIR, “The Directorate of Corporate & Industry Relations of the University facilitates students with three options – Placements, Higher Studies and Entrepreneurship”.

Thus, one of the options for students passing out of Amrita who have the urge to start something is to become an entrepreneur. To nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among youngsters who dare to innovate and initiate, Amrita Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) was established by CIR in June, 2011.

EDII-DST funded FDP on Entrepreneurship
for faculty mentors at Amrita
from 9 - 21 December, 2019​
ACE inspires first generation entrepreneurial ventures through a one-month EDII-DST funded EDP
from 30th Oct. to 27th Nov., 2019
ACE successfully conducts its
8th Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
from 20th to 22nd Sep., 2019
Ⓒ Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham